About Mindy


Never in my wildest dreams or musings about my life did I ever expect to spend the majority of my 6th decade in Africa.  I have become passionate about this work, teaching in nursing schools in developing countries; Malawi, Swaziland, and now Kenya.  How did I get here….?

In 2014 a friend sent me a link to the Mercy Ship segment on 60 Minutes.  I immediately dove onto their website and signed up.  It was divine timing in my life, calling to me on a deep spiritual level, an immediate and visceral reaction.  My children were in college, my job as a hospital nurse had become uninteresting, and I no longer had the responsibility of caring for and maintaining horses.  Additionally, I had visited and observed my oldest daughter serve as a Peace Corps volunteer and knew intuitively that I wanted to use my nursing skills for an assignment longer than 3-4 weeks.

Upon completing my Mercy Ships tour as  PACU nurse, I returned to the US eager to find other organizations that would lead me to longer term service.  I applied and was accepted by Peace Corps in a collaborative program with SEED GLobal Health,  Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP).  I served as a GHSP volunteer nurse educator in Malawi from July 2015-July 2016 and again in Swaziland from September 2017-November 2017.

Living and teaching in Africa has changed my life.  Shedding all the layers of shoulds, have tos, expectations, and family/cultural expectations acquired both genetically and for decades, I was able to experience true freedom and joy.  Though a work in progress, I strive to continue to explore and connect with other cultures and evaluate who I want to be through a cleaner, broader lens.

Stationed in Mutomo, S Kitui Kenya, I will be teaching at a new nursing school at Mutomo Mission Hospital from March-October 2018.  Thank you for your support and for your interest in my blog!




2 thoughts on “About Mindy

  1. Mindy,
    What an amazing experience you are having. I am all caught up….a namesake! Wow…that is amazing. Your stories are so inspiring, very proud of you and your commitment all around. So glad you are keeping a blog.


  2. A new journey it sounds like. Hope all is well and that you are happy both professionally and personally. Sounds like you are. Ever thought of being a photographer?



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