About Mindy

R and R at the nursery fountain, Lilongwe

R and R at the nursery fountain, Lilongwe

I am an RN currently on a one year assignment with Peace Corps/SEED Global Health in Mzuzu Malawi.  Currently there are 2 other RNs here and we are all serving as Clinical Faculty at Mzuzu University Department of Nursing and Midwifery.  We are beginning the clinical year with 1st and 2nd year students and will be doing some lecturing as well to fill in the gaps for the department.

As an Emergency Room Nurse from VT, this is quite a change!  The University has requested clinical teachers as their faculty is limited and the students otherwise would have no supervision in the hospital.

We live on campus in housing that by American standards is basic, but by Malawi standards is luxury.  We have hot and cold running water, electricity, well most of the time, and a 3 bedroom house, shared by 2 of us.  Because we are on campus, we feel safe and have a security guard 24/7 that sits outside our fenced backyard.

We do our laundry by hand in the tub and hang to dry in the backyard where we have started some basil, rosemary, sweet potatoes along the back wall of the house where the sun streams in all day.  The average daytime temps are around 75, falling to around 60 at night.  It is the dry, cool season here and not one drop of rain has fallen in the 1+ month we have been in country.

Our transportation is taxi cab or bicycle but we are able to walk the quarter mile to work safely.  Nighttime entertainment is reading or playing games.  The internet is spotty and we use our hotspot on our phones to provide the service.

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One thought on “About Mindy

  1. Mindy,
    What an amazing experience you are having. I am all caught up….a namesake! Wow…that is amazing. Your stories are so inspiring, very proud of you and your commitment all around. So glad you are keeping a blog.


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